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In-house training can be provided anywhere in UK provides an in-house employee training service that meets the specific training needs for employees, team leaders and managers. Courses and programs available on-site cover the following areas:

Classroom, Online Classroom and or at your comfort place.

If you, as a project manager, are expected to handle multiple projects with ease and efficiency, then you need tools that allow you to incorporate project management best practices to plan, prioritize, manage and evaluate projects, programs and portfolios.

Project Planning & Consulting Service

In addition to training services, SRScon has staff that can come to your organization to provide organizational development and consulting services. Some of the areas in which we can assist you include but are not limited to: Automate your Reporting system and Project management

Welcome to Training, Consultancy and Recruitment Service providers.

We Provide Online, OnSite and or Face to Face, Individual or in a Group Training in following Sectors: Project Management, Planning & Six Sigma Professionals: Provide Educational Training & Consultancy Services in UK. We are the provider of project management and Project Planning for a wide spectrum of clients in industry Buildings & Construction, infrastructure and social development, Nuclear, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marine, Oil & Gas. Our specialist service is considered to help users of every level with problems concerning Excel spreadsheets. 
Regardless of what industry you are in, most individuals at some point find themselves dealing with the absolute aggravation of Microsoft Excel we also provide exceptional Scrum Master with real-time scrum activities and simulations. In addition, spreadsheet assistance can be difficult to find, as IT help desks are not equipped to assist with the more difficult aspects of Excel work and while the opportunity may exist to take classes on the topic, often times the task at hand needs to be finished YESTERDAY! 
We support companies analyse and better understand their data whether it is due to a lack of spreadsheet savvy of simply not having the time to get their work done. P6 Primavera allows its user to continuously monitor all resources that are available and permits adjustments to be made to meet project requirements. Our Primavera training and project planning courses promotes transparency, always allowing data to be logged and monitored in a centralised location. Project managers can anticipate requirements with the forecasting ability in Primavera, and advocates communication across all project participants. Contact us to enrol today on p6 course, training and project planning short courses. 
As the Team, people can send us their spreadsheet related questions/problems and in turn, we bring our expert skills to solve whatever the issue may be. We also offer customized classes as well as video tutorials.

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